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SAP Services

SAP Services

bcconnect consultants have been chosen from a variety of backgrounds, (including Financial, Manufacturing and specialist fields), giving us a broad knowledge base to be able to tackle most complex SAP migration. design and integration requests.

bcconnect specialise in Data Migration from Legacy systems into the SAP environment. We have delivered in excess of 60 rollouts for a number of major multinational organisations in locations including USA, Brazil, Holland, France, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Korea, Japan, Singapore and Australia.

Not only do we work directly with end-users, bcconnect also work with major System Integrators.

We have knowledge and use of a variety of tools from Winshuttle to LSMW and have experience in delivering the most complicated of objects.

The SAP LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench) is a tool provided by SAP to migrate legacy system data into an SAP system. LSMW is a complex tool intended for technical users and its use typically requires developer-level authorizations.

Winshuttle removes the complexity from data migration with a simple, flexible tool.

bcconnect provide and assists with:

  • Management of SAP complexity, tight Excel integration and full power recording
  • Download Real-time data without any special transports
  • Ease of scheduling, fail-safe backup and streamlined Excel integration

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