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Our employees were enthusiastic about jobs that used to run eight hours now being done in ten minutes.

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Olivier Sauter, IT Manager at Kraus & Naimer

Space is a big commodity. Using CHARON-VAX, we went from refrigerator-sized VAX hardware that also required a refrigerator-sized array, to a modern, rackable HP DL 2U server.

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Steve Olson, VMS Systems Manager, Fidelity National Financial

The system remained up for a year before we shut down for routine maintenance. It is even more stable than the original VAX.

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Blair Simister, Information Systems Manager, Flexi-Coil

Stromasys’s virtualization solution enabled us to quickly and seamlessly transition our business critical-applications to a vendor-independent platform.

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Nimish U. Patel, Managing Director, Shri Dinesh Mills

The CHARON- AXP system is faster and more reliable than the original hardware, and the improved stability was well worth the investment for our client.

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Timothy Hunter, Analyst Manager, Navigant Consulting

We went from paying more than $100,000 in maintenance fees per year to paying just under $10,000 per year. And it took virtually no effort on our part.

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Mark Gillespie, Data Center Operations Manager, WorkflowOne

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