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continuity from old to new

CHARON virtualisation solutions

Companies still rely on mission-critical applications running on their legacy VAX, Alpha, HP 3000 and SunSPARC systems. As time goes on, the maintenance costs for these systems go up, and due to their age, reliability declines.

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continuity from old to new

VAX/VMS & OpenVMS solutions

In celebration of more than 35 years of rock solid performance, bcconnect continues this success by supporting all flavours of VAX/VMS and have done so since 1988. Our solutions include; VAX/VMS and OpenVMS support.

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continuity from old to new

SAP services

bcconnect consultants have been chosen from a variety of backgrounds, (including Financial, Manufacturing and specialist fields), giving us a broad knowledge base to be able to tackle most complex SAP migration.

why should you choose bcconnect?

“We have been in business since 1988, our ethos has remained the same; to deliver a quality service to all our customers no matter what their size or location. We believe all information and communications technology should be viewed in the same way as other utilities. When you come into work in the morning and switch your lights on, you always trust they'll work, so why should information and communications technology be any different?”

Paul Mullally, Founding Director

what our clients say

Since 1988, BCC have worked with a wide array of customers; helping to improve their business by implementing and supporting a wide range of technologies. Some responses to the projects we have been involved with are detailed below.

“Our employees were enthusiastic about jobs that used to run eight hours now being done in ten minutes.”

Olivier Sauter, IT Manager at Kraus & Naimer

“Space is a big commodity. Using CHARON-VAX, we went from refrigerator-sized VAX hardware that also required a refrigerator-sized array.”

Steve Olson, VMS Systems Manager, Fidelity National Financial

“The system remained up for a year before we shut down for routine maintenance. It is even more stable than the original VAX.”

Blair Simister, Information Systems Manager, Flexi-Coil

“Stromasys’s virtualization solution enabled us to quickly and seamlessly transition our business”

Nimish U. Patel, Managing Director, Shri Dinesh Mills

“The CHARON- AXP system is faster and more reliable than the original hardware, and the improved stability was well worth the investment”

Timothy Hunter, Analyst Manager, Navigant Consulting

“We went from paying more than $100,000 in maintenance fees per year to paying just under $10,000 per year.”

Mark Gillespie, Data Center Operations Manager, WorkflowOne

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